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Bedsores or Pressure Ulcers Claims Lawyer

Bed-ridden patients cannot move or roll over easily to reposition themselves. If left in the same position too long, painful bedsores or pressure ulcers can occur. Unfortunately, bed sores occur too often to patients living in nursing homes, a condition that is considered preventable with adequate care. If you have a loved one who suffered with bedsores due to nursing home neglect, you should contact a bedsore, or pressure ulcer, claim lawyer. Keith D. Leshine Attorney at Law, LLC in Duluth, GA, can pursue a nursing home bedsore injury lawsuit on the behalf of your loved one.

Bed sores, or pressure ulcers are lesions that appear on the skin, usually on the backside of a bed-ridden or disabled patient. These occur from a breakdown of skin and tissue in a pressure area when the patient is left in the same position for too long. Moisture on the skin can also contribute to bedsores if sheets or undergarments are not changed when they are dirty.

Pressure ulcers are considered a preventable condition and should not occur if a patient is receiving adequate care. Patients in nursing homes that are not repositioned in their bed, left too long in wheelchairs, undernourished or left in dirty linens are at higher risk of getting painful bedsores. This is a form of neglect that can lead to many other complications.

Bed Sore Complications and Injuries

Not only are pressure ulcers extremely painful, once they occur, they can be difficult to heal. Bed sores can result in further disabilities and dangerous infections, even sepsis. A preventable bed sore can greatly impact the quality of life of a nursing home patient and even put their life at risk.

If you have a loved one that has suffered from bed sores while living in a nursing home, they may be victims of neglect. To learn more about legal options to hold the nursing home accountable for their neglect or abuse, contact us at Keith D. Leshine Attorney at Law, LLC in Duluth, GA, to talk to one of our legal team members. We can review your pressure ulcer neglect claim and advise you on your legal options.

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