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Overloaded Trucks Accident Injury Lawyer

Meeting weight restrictions and balance requirements are crucial for large commercial trucks. Due to their height, size and load capacity, adhering to safe loading practices is vital to decrease risks of tipping or exceeding weight limits. Overloaded trucks are harder to control and stop; they are also unbalanced and prone to rollover accidents. If you have been injured in a Georgia overloaded truck accident, injury lawyer Keith D. Leshine can examine your case at his office in Duluth, GA.

Commercial trucks, especially tractor trailers or semi-trucks, can weigh upwards of 80,000 pounds when loaded. To maintain performance, these large trucks need to be carefully loaded to ensure that there is not too much weight on either side or the loads are not stacked too high. Commercial trucks must also adhere to weight limits, and there are weigh stations on interstate highways to check weights and ensure drivers are under the limits. However, truck drivers and the companies they work for have ways to cheat the system and overload their trucks to make higher profits, endangering others that share the road with them.

I-75 and I-85 Overloaded Truck Accidents

Georgia has thousands of miles of highway, including interstates like I-75 and I-85, that are full of large commercial trucks. While the Georgia Motor Carrier Compliance Division (MCCD) is vigilant in their efforts to monitor commercial truck load weights and other safety concerns, they do not catch every truck that is improperly loaded or overloaded. These giant loads can result in poor control of these vehicles, which can contribute to tragic injury and fatality accidents that could be avoided.

When a truck driver or the company they work for negligently overloads a tractor trailer that causes an injury accident, they should be held responsible for the damages. At Keith D. Leshine Attorney at Law, LLC, our legal team knows Georgia and federal trucking laws that pertain to safety requirements. If you have been injured or lost a close family member in an overloaded truck injury accident, contact our office in Duluth, GA, to speak to our legal team. You may be entitled to seek substantial compensation for the pain and suffering you have endured.

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