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Pit Bull and Dog Attacks Injury Lawyer

Large dogs, like pit bulls, Rottweilers and German shepherds, can be wonderful pets, but they are also protective breeds that can cause extensive injuries if they attack. Owners of these large dog breeds have a responsibility to ensure their dog is not a threat to innocent people. If their dog attacks someone and causes injuries, they are usually liable for damages. If you live in Georgia and need a pit bull or dog attack injury lawyer, contact Keith D. Leshine Attorney at Law, LLC in Duluth, GA.

Dog attacks are common, and the injuries can be extensive when it is a large dog, like a pit bull. The bite of a large dog can easily tear skin, muscle and tissue, resulting in deep lacerations, broken bones and nerve damage. If the injuries occur on the neck or face, which is common, it can be disfiguring. Unfortunately, an estimated half of dog attack injuries occur with children who are easy targets for an aggressive dog that is not properly confined or trained. When a dog attack occurs, the owner of the dog is usually responsible for injuries, whether it happens on or off their property.

Georgia Dog Liability Lawsuits

In Georgia, the laws and statutes that cover dog attacks and owner liability are similar to many other states. The law actually refers to all animals a person owns, not just pit bulls or large dogs. The owner of the dog or animal is liable for injuries if certain criteria are met during the attack, which include:

  • The dog or animal is considered dangerous or vicious
  • The dog or animal was not provoked by the victim
  • The owner let the dog or animal “go at liberty” and did not contain the animal

A dog attack could occur on the owner’s property or if the dog or animal is not confined and attacks someone off the property, the owner may be liable. If you have sustained a pit bull, animal or dog attack injury or lost a child to a dog attack fatality in Georgia, contact us at Keith D. Leshine Attorney at Law, LLC in Duluth, GA, to schedule an appointment. Our legal team would be happy to review your injury claim and discuss your legal options to pursue compensation.

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