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Motorcycle Accident Injury Lawyer

There is nothing like enjoying the freedom of a motorcycle ride. When a motorcycle is your transportation, you can fully enjoy the journey to your destination. While riding your bike may be the best part of your day, it can also be the most dangerous. Even the most skilled motorcycle riders are at risk, due to the larger vehicles around them on the road. If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a bike wreck due to a negligent driver, Keith D. Leshine Attorney at Law, LLC is the motorcycle accident injury lawyer to call in the greater Atlanta or Duluth area.

Motorcycles are a popular form of transportation, both for practicality and enjoyment. While there are millions of motorcycle riders sharing the road with drivers of cars, trucks and other vehicles, the motorcyclists are the most vulnerable on the road. Not only are they driving a smaller vehicle, but there is no protection between them and other vehicles or objects. This risk is increased by the fact that a large portion of motorcycle accidents occur simply due to the fact other drivers do not see or look for motorcycles.

One of the main causes of injury motorcycle accidents is drivers not yielding to a motorcycle that has the right of way, hitting them directly when turning. This is common at intersections, especially when vehicles are turning left across one or more lanes of oncoming traffic. Other drivers may turn into the path of a motorcyclist or actually hit the motorcycle, often resulting in serious injuries or fatalities.

Motorcycle Injury or Fatality Accident Lawsuits

It is estimated that an average of 80% of motorcycle accidents result in injury or death. This is a very high percentage compared to passenger vehicle accidents. Thousands are motorcyclists die each year in crashes, with many of these accidents caused by other drivers. Their families are left without their loved one, a devastating loss that no amount of money can replace. However, even when a rider survives a motorcycle wreck, the injuries can be catastrophic for the rider and their family. Some of the common motorcycle injuries that occur include:

  • Head injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Multiple fractures
  • Lacerations
  • Spine or spinal cord injuries
  • Paralysis or nerve damage
  • Burn injuries
  • Amputation

A motorcycle accident victim can face an extensive road to recovery from their injuries. In some cases, there may be permanent disabilities, including brain damage, paralysis or loss of limbs. Injured motorcyclists need a lawyer on their side who will carefully examine all possible options to obtain compensation to cover medical bills, rehabilitation, income loss and long-term disabilities.

Georgia Motorcycle Wreck Injury Lawsuits

At Keith D. Leshine Attorney at Law, LLC, we have been helping our clients get the justice and compensation they need when tragedy strikes since 2000. Keith Leshine and our legal team have the experience and knowledge to handle complex motorcycle injury cases. We research every case intricately to determine the most effective options to gain the compensation our clients need and deserve. We handle serious injury and fatality cases for motorcyclists and their families, fighting tirelessly for the highest award possible from the negligent drivers and their insurance companies. Our firm is not afraid to take a case to trial, if needed, to get the best outcome for our client.

If you lost a loved one in a fatality motorcycle accident or you were injured in a motorcycle crash, you may be eligible to pursue compensation. Our team at Keith D. Leshine Attorney at Law, LLC can explore your options, from fighting your insurance company for higher compensation to a motorcycle injury or fatality lawsuit against the at-fault driver. Contact us at our office in Duluth, GA. We offer free initial consultations with a motorcycle accident injury lawyer.

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