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Apartment/Hotel Rapes or Attacks Injury Lawyer

Apartment complexes and hotels should be a safe place when used for short-term or long-term housing. You pay for the right to stay on the property and should be provided with a level of safety when coming and going from the building and parking areas. When you are violently attacked, raped or otherwise violated where you pay to stay, the apartment or hotel owner may be liable for your injuries. If this occurs in Georgia, Keith D. Leshine Attorney at Law, LLC is a compassionate apartment/hotel rape or attack injury lawyer in Duluth, GA.

Apartments and hotel management has a responsibility to provide adequate security and safety for their guests or residents. While they cannot prevent all criminal activity, they must try to provide a safe environment and deter criminal acts on the property. This can include adding security features like locked entrances at night, security cameras, security patrols, adequate lighting and on-site personnel. Providing the right security and safety features can reduce the risk of criminal attacks for residents.

Negligent Hotel or Apartment Complex Security

Owners of hotels and apartment complexes must provide a safe environment for their residents. When measures are not taken to prevent criminal attacks, like rapes or assaults, the property owner may be liable for injuries. This not only includes physical injuries, but also the emotional trauma of an attack or rape can cause intangible injuries. A premises liability lawsuit for an apartment/hotel rape or violent attack can seek damages for medical bills, income loss and pain/suffering of the victim.

If you have been raped or attacked at an apartment complex or hotel due to inadequate security or safety on the property, you may be able to seek compensation for your injuries. Contact our legal team at Keith D. Leshine Attorney at Law, LLC, and schedule a free consultation at our office in Duluth, GA.

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