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Retail businesses have a responsibility to provide a safe space for their customers to shop. Under premises liability laws in Georgia, businesses need to protect customers from safety issues or hazards that could cause an injury. Unfortunately, not all businesses maintain their facilities or provide the correct training to their employees. Here are six common shopping injury accidents that should be prevented by business owners under premises liability laws.

1. Slippery Floor Accidents
Wet floors are a common slip and fall hazard. Businesses need to clean up spills and tracked-in water as quickly as possible and warn customers of danger. If a customer slips and falls, causing whiplash, broken bones, head trauma or other injuries, the business may be liable for their injuries.

2. Tripping Hazards
Merchandise spilled on floors, transition strips, loose floor tiles, ripped carpets and other items on the floor can be tripping hazards. Store management should keep floors clear to avoid trips and falls that can cause injuries.

3. Falling Merchandise Injuries
Stacking merchandise on high shelves is common in many stores, especially warehouse chain stores. If items are not properly secured, merchandise can fall on shoppers, causing serious head trauma and other injuries.

4. Escalator or Elevator Accidents
In larger retail stores, escalator and elevator accidents can occur when these transporting devices are not properly maintained. A jerking escalator or unsafe elevator doors can cause injuries to customers.

5. Unsafe Stairways
Stairways can be a hazard in businesses when not maintained. Loose steps, broken handrails and poor lighting in stairwells can contribute to stairway accidents. Falls on stairways can cause serious injuries for customers.

6. Broken Glass, Spilled Chemicals or Debris
Accidents occur in stores that can cause hazards to customers. A stack of jars can fall, resulting in shattered glass. Chemicals can be spilled, or a bag of marbles can scatter across the floor. Businesses must quickly contain the debris and caution customers to avoid the area to avoid injuries.

When injuries occur at a business due to poor safety issues, the business may be liable for injuries. Our team at Keith D. Leshine Attorney at Law, LLC can assess premises liability claims and advise you on your legal options. You may be entitled to seek compensation for your premises liability injury. Call our office in Duluth, GA, to discuss your shopping accident injury claim.

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